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In this course we clarify the most important questions about the corona virus. You learn how to protect your employees from infection and how to contain the spread.

We explain how you can effectively inform your employees about all necessary preventive measures and guidelines in your company - and thus save lives if possible.

In addition to the scientifically based mybreev course, you receive a comprehensive Info-PDF with all important facts.

While the Corona crisis keeps us all on edge, criminals hope that in the turmoil we become careless of other dangers: With fake or sneaky e-mails, scammers exploit the tense atmosphere to steal money or data from your employees.

This course specifically sensitizes your employees to be particularly careful with e-mails during a crisis. We train you to quickly recognize phishing e-mails.

Our concern and helpfulness have increased during the crisis. But while our caution against viruses is growing, we easily overlook the fact that fraudsters want to use the crisis for their own purposes.

We train your employees so that they can quickly get to grips with social engineering and psychological manipulation. With current examples and interactive training units, mybreev makes your employees strong against data espionage and fraud.

Working remotely is a good precaution against the further spread of the virus. This course includes the ABCs of working from the home office: How can the technical requirements be created? What has to be considered? And how do you structure the joint work from the home office?

We explain step by step how the daily work routine can be guaranteed trouble-free from the home office.

The world is in a common crisis - which also affects companies. In this course you learn how to work safely and smoothly during the Corona crisis. This includes sound crisis management, which also deals with contingencies: What happens if the office has to be closed due to a corona infection?

Learn what the emergency means for your employees and your external communication.

If the work in the home office is still new, possible risks are often not yet clear to us. But working with the home computer or your own network raises questions about security. In this course, you learn how to protect sensitive company data even in the home office.

We explain how to set up your data connection via the Internet so that criminals do not stand a chance. Thus, you protect yourself also against digital viruses.

Prepare your employees

Send your employees on a special training adventure. In motivating e-learning modules with films, animations, stories and interactions, your training participants will experience security topics in a refreshing way, and on top of that, you will fulfil your legal duty of care.

No matter whether you want to qualify 10 or 10,000 employees - you are sure to find the right solution. We have already successfully conducted more than 3 million user trainings.

With the academy version you receive an immediately usable e-learning platform with security training for highest demands from renowned training authors. In the corporate version, you can customize your training and take adaptations to your company processes.

“Ready to Use” eLearning Courses

Quality and short implementation times at the same time — With our “Ready to Use” courses you can start training your employees quickly and easily — without having to cut back on the depth of content.

About Sidis e-learning academy

With the Sidis e-learning academy for business, you get an immediately usable e-learning platform with security training for the highest demands from renowned specialist authors.

In the business version you can make additional adjustments and adjustments to your business processes. Sidis e-learning academy is therefore the online learning platform for organizations.